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Snake Eyes Golf Tungsten Alloy Weights

snake eyes golf tungsten alloy weights

What Is Snake Eyes Golf Tungsten Alloy Weights?

Snake Eyes is well known producers of quality golf clubs, especially wedges. Snake eyes golf offers the best in golf clubs. Snake eyes golf tungsten alloy weights are an important addition to your golf gear. They are used for the challenging, short shots to the green, as well as from the sand. Manufacturers recently have begun changing the lofts on their regular irons, making it imperative that the golfer has the proper wedges in his or her bag to play the all-important short game.

Why Use Tungsten Alloy as Snake Eyes Golf Weights?

A golf club head includes one or more balance weights for swing balancing the golf club. The snake eyes tungsten alloy weights is selected from a plurality of balance weights and mounted in a weight cavity formed in the snake eyes golf club head.
Tungsten alloy is now well known as the best material for this significant role of golf club balance weight. You can have a general impression for how tungsten alloy is applied to balance the golf club's better control from the below pictures demonstration.

Some Pictures of Snake Eyes Golf Weights:

snake eye golf club snake eye golf clubs snake eye golf club
snake eye golf tungsten alloy weights snake eye golf tungsten alloy weights snake eye tungsten alloy weights

Snake Eyes Golf Tungsten Alloy Weights Offered by Chinatungsten:

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