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Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weights

Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weights

1. Small volume and high weight

High density is making tungsten alloy fishing weights smaller than the conventional lead fishing weights. They will be hung up far less than a lead sinker because of their smaller size.

2. Hardness

Tungsten alloy are harder than lead fishing weights. They will not be stuck in the jowl of the fish, so the shape will be maintained longer.

3. Strong wind resistance

As the high density of tungsten alloy fishing weights make your fishing easier. They are heavy and dense enough to resist sudden wind blows. Moreover,they are extremely sensitive and can actually help you "feel" what the bottom is made of and what your bait is bumping into, such as brush, rocks, mud, etc.
Tungsten alloy are an ideal, environment-friendly material alternative to lead weights, which is toxic and increasingly being labeled an environmental hazard.

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Fishing Weights-Barrel sinkers
Fishing Weights-dumbbell
Fishing Weights-Fish Shape
Fishing Weights-Bullet


 Fish Shape Fishing weight

We offer tungsten alloy fishing weights, fishing jigs in various shapes, such as shape of bullet, drop, tube, semi-drop and cylinder.

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