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Tungsten Alloy Mormyszka Fishing Weight

What Is Mormyszka Fishing Weight?

Mormyszka (Marmooska) fishing weight is one kind of fishing sinkers for ice fishing, which is most popular as genuine Swarovski crystals in fishing field.

For the winter season with frozen lake or river in some countries, such as Ireland, Iceland, etc., or maybe you could go for an artificial spool, which is specially designed for fishing in low temp, fishing men will have a fishing on the ice surface or cold water, then they should analyze the areas first, and then dig the ice first, and then to have an ice fishing on the ice surface. In such kind of fishing, the shape of fishing weight and fishing lure will be vital for a good fishing score. We usually called these kinds of fishing weight as Mormyszka fishing weight. It should be at the ball or sphere shape; also it could be at water drop shape, and the lure is very sharp to ensure a effective fishing.

Why Use Tungsten Alloy Mormyszka Fishing Weight?

As the fishing weight will be used under cold water, sometimes the temperature could even be minus thirty or forty degree, then the material for fishing weight should have a stable property under a much colder situation, also it should be environment-friendly and non-toxic. Researcher found that tungsten alloy material should be the most suitable material in this case. Tungsten alloy, is also called tungsten heavy alloy (WHA), which have various tungsten content rages from 90%W to 97%W based on the different unit weight requirement. The composition for tungsten alloy is usually WNIFE, WNICU, or WNICUFE, and there are no toxic elements, such as lead. Besides, as it is much heavier when it has the same volume compared with other materials, then it could save much capacity if there is a narrow space allowed for ice fishing, it should be much flexible.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Alloy Mormyszka Fishing Weight

Chinatungsten specialize in manufacturing and offering tungsten alloy fishing weight for more than 20 years, and could offer tungsten alloy Mormyszka fishing weight, which is one of the main products. We could offer tungsten alloy Mormyszka fishing weight with the high-quality stainless steel lure, and we could offer them in different colors, only clients could offer the color card, will be able to offer.

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