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Tungsten Alloy Rod Armour-piercing Bullet

Tungsten heavy alloy materials have characters of high density, excellent formability and machinability, outstanding corrosion resistance, high modulus of elasticity, impressive thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Therefore, the material is very suitable for aerospace and high temperature uses which include electrical, heating, and welding applications. Hardness and density properties make this metal ideal for making heavy metal alloys such as copper tungsten that are used in armament, heat sinks, and high density applications.

Armour-piercing bullet is mainly made of tungsten alloys, which has high speed and kinetic energy. Its high melting point, high strength and excellent performance ensure that the projectile can adapt to higher launch overload and greater flight speed, which has become the best material to make the projectile.

Tungsten alloy rod armour-piercing bullet is characterized by its slender body and small diameter. At present, the length-diameter ratio can reach about 30, and there is still a trend of development towards a larger length-diameter ratio. For example, the length-diameter ratio of the high-density alloy cartridge with rigid sleeves can reach 40, or even more than 60. The initial velocity of the projectile is 1500 ~ 2000m/s.

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